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We've had participants from 30 US States, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, the UK, Canada, Israel and Mexico!

Many practices, conversations, excursions and meals shared with friends from around the world. 

Here are some appreciations of our programs since 2007.


Pronto Seminars provided a unique learning experience. Expertise, correct pacing, enough time for integration of material, not too much material, enough time for recreation and fun, a beautiful surrounding, optional cultural, extra-curricular events that balance the learning experience, an emphasis on embodied learning….. All held masterfully by Ron Fouts and Ron Pilato. And by ‘held’ I mean there is a sense of being cared for by knowledgeable, sensitive, loving and insightful leaders.
Steve Flowers is the ‘genuine article’ – a teacher of mindfulness techniques who walks the talk and has done for many years. He uses story, metaphor, poetry, bodywork – as well as the usual ‘imparting of information’ – to encourage the emergence of our awareness during the classes and exercises. This ‘spread’ of experience is a vital part of learning mindfulness, in my opinion, not only because each participant has a different set of learning styles that need to be acknowledged, but also because of the neuroscientific evidence pointing to the efficacy of integrated and embodied learning styles.
Simply the ideal post-graduate experience.

Bevis Nathan, DO, London

You organized an ideal workshop in June 2008. I appreciated learning about the topic from such effective leaders, the small number of participants from such diverse cultural backgrounds, and the time to explore the magic of Venice. You two organized every detail with thoughtfulness for each individual. Our gondola ride was a special treat! Writing all of this makes me want to return tomorrow!

Joan Thomas, PhD, Ohio

Pronto has the ability to offer the most welcoming and inclusive learning environment for practioners of the helping arts….This is the unique contribution Pronto makes to this profession: high quality teaching, multidisciplinary understanding and international networking, and all in Italy. I thoroughly enjoyed Venice, the most beautiful and reflective of cities, with colleagues from all over the world. Ron and his hospitality support partner “Just Venice” provided all the very best. Every opportunity that Pronto offers is a “must do” for as many times in a life time as you can manage.”

Rosemary Sutherland MA Hons, Dip Teaching, Dip Social Work, New Zealand

This was a great course and it had a major impact on my practice and more importantly our lives.

Robert Israel, MD, Alabama

…what a fabulous experience. . .whenever anyone asks me about my trip, I always say it is my favorite trip of all because of the stimulation of the conference, and then the free time in the afternoon for lovely excursions in one of the most beautiful places on earth, plus the group dynamics, the food, the laughter, the everything. Kudos to you for the idea and the follow-through to carry this off…

Melanie Mopsick, LCSW, California

Had such an amazing experience when I attended in 2016. The instruction was phenomenal. The location was gorgeous. The food was amazing. And I got to know such wonderful people.

Julie Levin, LMFT, California